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Counter-Logic Point of Sale - 1 year license

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Counter Logic POS

Is counter-top software for use with a barcode scanner, USB receipt printer and a cash-drawer to process retail sales quickly and efficiently.

Counter Logic POS obtains all it's data from webERP over XML-RPC and stores all it"s transactions until they are transmitted back to webERP and processed again over XML-RPC.

Any number of branches and any number of lanes within each branch can be accommodated all sending their sales back to the same webERP installation. Each POS has its own unique identifier in webERP so it is possible to see which POS created the transaction from within webERP.

The software can be downloaded from here

The price quoted is for a one year license to use the software for a single lane on a single computer. The software is easily modified to meet specific customer requirements. Please ask if you have specific requirements

Note that a license once purchased is not transferable to another configuration so it is important to send the correct POS configuration