webSHOP is the complete solution to the integration problems associated with the off the shelf shopping cart systems. webSHOP is completely integrated - there is no duplication of data. If the customer updates their details, they are updating the webERP live data. If they place an order they are using the identical pricing logic and same prices as they would in the webERP native order. To a large extent, webSHOP is actually an extension of webERP that allows customers to place their own orders albeit in a much more attractive user interface.


  • Multi-level dynamic css menu structure based on sales categories - sales categories can have tranlations so customers in other languages can see the translation in their language.
  • A search function to find products.
  • Coded in the same accessible style as webERP - a truly integrated shopping cart solution - that creates native webERP customers and user logins, orders and receipts. jQuery validation and interactive user interface
  • Sales in the currency of the customer
  • When a customer registers they can select their currency and their preferred language - prices are re-calculated at that time.
  • Only items with prices setup in the currency and price list of the customer will display
  • Customers with a credit account are not presented with paypal or credit card payment methods - the shop only places the order for sale on credit to their account.
  • Payment can be effected by bank transfer, paypal or credit card
  • A surcharge can be applied depending on the payment method selected by the customer.

There is a one off licence fee of USD $99 required to use this software.
webSHOP demo webSHOP Installation Guide