Ongoing Support


For those occassions when things go wrong, it is important to have a "back-stop" who can identify the problem and provide solutions to keep the business functioning without interuption. We can provide the answers you need when you need them.


In many businesses there is one person who becomes the IT champion and over-time a dependency on this person is built up. If something happens to this person, the business is left exposed. The existence of our support service provides the insurance a business needs as an alternative should it be required.


Our service is only charged for per incident. There is a minimum charge per incident of USD $50. We have found that this model is much more economical for businesses compared to the significant annual retainer that the normal commercial support model requires.


Since webEP is web-based, support can be provided anywhere in the world.




Using webERP and fine tuning it's operation for maximum effect in your business is most easily achieved on-site. However, with skype screen sharing it is now possible to demonstrate and discuss functionality effectively from anywhere - subject to time differences. Learning by experimenting is not easy for everyone and learning at a pace that suits individuals in the team can only be acheived with one on one tuition.


If you wish to have a skype demonstration/discussion please email so we can co-ordinate a convenient time. Please note we are at GMT+12