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Counter-Logic Point of Sale System


This is a fully interactive windows point of sale (POS) system that takes all of it's data from a webERP installation. The system works with a barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer providing invoice/receipts for customers and allowing for payments from customers in any of the webERP defined payment methods or charging to one of the existing webERP customer accounts. It calculates the change and opens the cash drawer as necessary. A resetable end of day procedure allows reconcilation of the different media types collected. It can run independently without dependence on a full time internet connection. All transactions created can then be sent back to the webERP installation to create sales and cash receipts as required inside webERP. Using this POS, for any number of lanes each of which can be uniquely identified inside the transactions sent back to webERP, webERP can now be used as a central hub and back-office for a multi-branch retail operation.

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This extension of webERP allows the same webERP data to be used as a complete web shopping cart. Using the same pricing and data from the existing webERP database. Set up is done all inside webERP using the sales categories functionality in webERP. Payment options include, paypal, credit card, bank transfer or credit account.

webSHOP Demo

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Libre Office webERP Connector


This extension to Libre Office adds a macro that will upload the latest trial balance for any range of periods from a webERP installation and place it into a new spreadsheet tab and make a named range - so that spreadsheet based reports using VLOOKUP can be created and reused for other period ranges. It also works with and was originally tested with Open Office.

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