webERP Add-on Software Or LibreOffice Connector


Many businesses use spreadsheets as a convenient report writer for board reports showing the different divisions of the business in just the desired formatting colours etc.

We have created an (now tested with LibreOffice too) macro extension to directly import the webERP general ledger data so that all general ledger reporting from webERP data can be done in the spreadsheet application.

The connector adds a new menu entry in OpenOffice under Tools->Add-ons->Import webERP Trial Balance. Note that under LibreOffice a menu item needs to be created manually to run the macro OpenDialog this initates the data collection required to run the webERP GL import. This can be done from the view toolbars->customize

Clicking on this new option brings up a dialog box to enter the webERP installation URL, the company database name to use. The range of periods to be reported on must also be specified together with a valid webERP username and password.

The connector then imports the webERP Trial Balance for the period range selected, together with the budget information for the same period and creates a new sheet in the spreadsheet called "GL_Data". The data of the trial balance is then set as a named range "TB".

Now using the LibreOffice VLOOKUP formula (common accross most spreadsheet applications) using the named range TB in other tabs of this spreadsheet will enable the insertion of data into the correct cells of custom built reports.

Using the standard vlookup spreadsheet function it is now possible to report on webERP general ledger directly from LibreOffice or The LibreOffice connector is available free to registered customers Click here to order