webERP Implementation Services


Basic Install


For USD $99, we will install webERP onto an internet host of your choice with your company's base data including:

  • Company Name and Address
  • Company Logo
  • Default currency
  • Other currencies that the company trades in
  • Local tax requirements GST/VAT
  • Sales areas
  • Inventory Locations
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Importing Customers, Delivery Addresses, Items Or Vendors


A spreadsheet template is provided for each containing the information required to be collated for importation. Given the information in the format of the templates the imports of data can be done for USD$100 per 1,000 records for each table. However, due to the differing location of the various pieces of information in different systems a fixed cost cannot be given for preparing the import spreadsheets from the company's existing data.


Importing Your Chart Of Accounts


In most cases the business will have a chart of accounts that it will wish to retain. It is important to enter this before any other activity in sub-modules. We can load a chart of accounts provided to us from a spreadsheet in the format of a template we will provide.

If formating your existing chart of accounts into this spreadsheet format is not something that you are comfortable with or have the time for, Logic Works can convert a spreadsheet of your trial balance into the required format and import it into webERP for you - such an exercise would be charged on a time and mateials basis.


Other Data Imports


It is possible to import all open-transactions in accounts receivebale and accounts payable and the general ledger account history. Again the format of the data as exported from the existing system is the key factor in determining the cost of importing it to webERP. Such work would be undertaken on a time and materials basis