About Us


One of the difficulties for a business considering adopting open-source software, irrespective of the richness and robustness of it's functionality, is the lack of accountability that is implicit in volunteer based development activities such as webERP. By having a commercial support option for webERP it is hoped that we can provide the accountability that may be necessary for some companies in making the decision to adopt webERP.


Background to webERP


Working as an accountant in manufacturing and distribution companies using commercial ERP software and understanding the real benefits of what can be achieved with a truly integrated system is not without its frustrations.


One business in particular ran software that just didn't work. There were constant issues reconciling the general ledger to stock and debtors to general ledger. Stock quantities on hand never agreed to the movements, sales analysis didn't tie up to sales totals in the general ledger etc. It was necessary to effectively reverse engineer the logic to describe to the developer how to fix it, without access to the code. It occurred that access to the code would have made this process so much easier.


The costs to this company were not only in the wasted effort to debug the code that had been paid for (handsomely) already but also and perhaps more painfully in incorrect information and incorrect decisions made based on the incorrect data.


Learning about software development was born out of the desire to run the business more efficiently and unlock the potential of computing to minimise the labour of business administration and provide information to make good business decisions.


webERP's Development Roots