Integrated webSHOP, Inventory and Accounting


Introducing webERP


webERP is a web-based accounting and business management system application.

  • Entirely free - open-source code
  • The entire infrastructure that it runs on is also free and open-source - using a mysql database and PHP
  • It has been translated into over 20 languages.
  • It runs from any internet connected browser
  • A highly functional system encompassing multi-currency invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking, general ledger, multi-location inventory with serial number and lot tracking, MRP and much more.
  • As an internet application it is available from anywhere you are using any internet connected device.
  • Optimised to run over low bandwith connections and only minimal amounts of data are transmitted to provide exceptional performance over even a modest connection.
  • It has been in continuous development in 2002.
  • It now has a considerable following and developer base with in excess of 3000 downloads per month.
  • Coded in approachable PHP scripts with a view to enable newcomers to coding to be able to follow the logic.


Introducting webSHOP


If your business needs a fully integrated webSHOP with your accounting and inventory and for only a minimal cost, then webERP when combined with webSHOP is exactly what you are looking for and we can set it up for you in just a few hours.


Often online businesses operate disjointed systems, with an online shopping cart system and a seperate external accounting system which does not communicate with the shopping cart system. The problems resulting from this approach are:


  • A requirement to manually rekey orders
  • Manual entry of customer receipts or credit card payments
  • Changed customer details not updated in the accounting system
  • Setting up the items requires rekeying into two different systems
  • System inventory quantities are incorrect or not shown at all in the shopping cart system
  • Pricing must be updated in multiple systems
  • Incorrect prices charged to customers due to errors
  • Frustrated staff and/or disenchanted customers


An integrated system avoids these major failings, reduces the administration by eliminating the duplication of effort and improves the accuracy of pricing and information provided to customers.


Introducing Counter Logic POS


If your business needs fully integrated Point of Sale software that sends all of its transactions back from multiple lanes and multiple stores to a fully integrated inventory system across all stores with centrally updated pricing and item maintenance. Then Counter-Logic Point Of Sale is just what you need. It is stand-alone counter-top or laptop software, providing the interactivity required for fast and accurate customer-facing sales processing and cash management, using a barcode reader, receipt printer and automatic cash drawer. It does not required 24x7 connectivity to the webERP installation, but when connectivity is available, transactions captured can be sent back and processed inside webERP through the XML-RPC API. Also, all the data prices, customers and items can be refreshed from the central webERP installation at any time.


Competeing "Retail Management Systems" propogating transactions to a central repository are very expensive propositions indeed. In most cases further cost is required to integrate the POS transactions to a 3rd party accounting system. With margins squeezed in todays competitive world a more efficient solution costing a fraction of the price with full accounting integration is now avaiable in the form of the webERP/CounterLogic POS combination.


Our purpose


Is to help businesses maximise the value of their webERP installation and data, improving operating efficiencies and making sound decisions that ultimately result in a well run and profitable business. This is how Logic Works!


An understanding of both the peculiarities of the business and the capabilities of webERP are both critical to ensuring a smooth implementation and to effect any modifications necessary to meet the exact requirements of the business. Only with a deep understanding of the business comes the possiblility of adding real value.


For really effective solutions then, a parternship is required between those most intimate with the business and an experienced professional business person who can quickly and fully absorb the business requirements and also has the deepest understanding of webERP, it's capabilities, it's structure and the possibilities.


We offer precisely this mix of qualities to ensure optimal outcomes for your business.


The vision of webERP was ours - long before web-applications became mainstream. We developed and donated the original code base in 2002/3 and have consistently remained the major force behind its development.

We are in a unique position to free businesses in their transition to webERP from legacy accounting systems.